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Care Provider

It is time to improve your reach to the needy, homeless, and highly risked individuals in your location to promote their better tomorrow. Let DearFeet help you bring your patients to your doorstep at the right time.

Homeless Agency

Let’s improve the results of your homeless agency in health provision, compliance, and patient transition back to society through our logistics and screening result services.


A healthy you is a better you. Want to figure out your health status and ensure you are fit to care for your loved ones and are able to bounce back on your feet? DearFeet is here to bring you closer to your care provider.

Who we are?

Changing the world, one sheltered at a time

DearFeet is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is committed to providing homeless agencies, high-risk communities, and the undeserving the transportation, care, and follow-up they need to ensure they remain healthy and ready to change their future. Over the years, we have seen a lot of bright people battle and succumb to avoidable diseases and conditions due to late detection. We have also come a long way and seen a lot of good that can be done in the world with a little love and care shown. Hence, we take our role seriously and are neither government-funded or reimbursed by the government. All we want is a healthy individual, community, and world.

What We Do?

Screening is an essential process everyone has to undergo at least once every six months to detect any mild or fatal condition or disease growing within the body. This isn’t a diagnostic test where the examination is tailored to exhibited symptoms. Instead, it is a combination of various test to check for any abnormalities in the body of one who is healthy or haven’t exhibited any symptoms yet. These tests include but are not limited to, the following: Vaccines, LAB test, Blood pressure test, Vision test, Cholesterol level examination, Urinalysis, Breathing test, COVID-19, etc.

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How Dearfeet helps?

Understanding the importance of screening

All these actors depriving the homeless and underserving only put a chokehold on their future and significantly increases the burden rested on the emergency health departments. To avert this, DearFeet works with shelters, homeless agencies, work & food programs, and care providers to see to it that the homeless get the attention and follow-up they need to make an appearance during screening and appointments.

Free Transportation

We will take care of carrying the patient from their location to the health care provider for screening and convey them back. This includes any follow-up appointments they have. All we need is for the person to make him or herself available.

Free meals

During the screening day, we will cater to the breakfast needs of the individual. We might also provide lunch, depending on how long the patient has to wait for the screening conclusion.

Screening results

We provide the care provider with limited access to our platform to upload the patient's results to ensure they get it on time. We also install our patient app on the individual's phone to enable them to get their results as soon as they are out, as well as follow up appointment schedule as needed.

Program assistance

To improve the ability of the patient to secure adequate care and housing programs, we encourage the individual to sign a HIPPA form that allows us to disclose their results with the shelter or program they are attached to.

Every day you wake up and face your day head-on is a day, you might have woken up with subliminal symptoms and growth of something lethal. This is why it is professionally recommended to undergo screening every six months, even more so for people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, HBP, and high cholesterol.

Set an EXAMPLE for the future GENERATION

Every day over 553,742 people experience homelessness here in the United States. These are people who, in the past, had their life mapped out before them, and suddenly, a health challenge, unemployment, debt, accidents, and other enabling factors shatter their dreams, leaving them at the mercy of the harsh weather, life, and unsafe streets.

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No amount is too small, and all amounts contribute towards ensuring that the high risked and undeserving people in various homeless programs and facilities lead a more healthy life and get back on their feet faster than they normally could. If you can’t physically join us to make a difference or want to support our cause financially, we employ you to propel us further with any amount you can afford.


Just as money is a necessary factor to ensure we continue to supply our free services to shelters, work and food programs, and more, we also need hands and relevant skills to further the realization of the DearFeet vision. Do you want to wake up to a world where no homeless is left behind and all get the chance to bounce back on their feet to lead the life they have always dreamed of? Then join us today!

“To those wondering about giving while living: Try it . You’ll like it”

~By Chuck Feeney

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